I got a new helmet

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It’s really, really ugly.
But when I put it on my head, I can’t see it.  You’re the one who has to suffer.  Hopefully you’re watching the trail or road.  Not my head.  Or my ass.  (Nothing to be gained there.)It’s a POC Trabec Race MIPS.  It’s hideous and it squeaks.gazoo1
It also has this really cool feature that lets the helmet twist a bit when you hit something at an “off” angle, instead of the helmet grabbing your head like a frightented cat and making your brain do the twisting. Since your brain is basically suspended in water, it moves pretty easily.  That twisting INSIDE the skull is apparently bad.
So the Euro’s have added an Aramid Bridge and MIPS.  Which means I might be able to spell my name after a bad spill.
I crash a lot because I am shit on a bike.  So I can live with ugly, because I can live with ugly.
This is the POC next to my old LAS Squallo.  I know which one I’d rather be wearing next time…

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