this HAS to be ok, right?

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About a month ago I was heading back from a race and noticed a GIGANTIC DING in the top tube of my pit/road bike. This gave, and continues to give me a heart attack. I cannot for the fucking life of me think how it happened. There was a teeny crash-let on the way to the pit, and I remember hitting my thigh on the tt. That could have done it. Or my rack was mebbe too tight on the drive over? Or, hell, anything. Just reg’lar old failure of the pipe.
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The problem is it’s and exact match of it’s carbon big-brother, my race bike. So jumping from one to the other is pretty much the easiest thing since jumping from one bike to another. No surprises. Except now I’m wondering when it’s gonna rip in half. Everyone in creation has a different opinion about whether it’s rideable. Opinions are like assholes. Everyone’s got one, and it’s special, and I don’t feel better about myself after having spent time with it.
So I’m gonna get it fixed.
Joe at Tsunami Bikes is gonna do it. He seems to do some pretty nice work, especially if you’re fond of big welds, and his prices make it possible for those of us in the real-world to think about custom. He’ll do a cross bike for around $800 all in. That’s custom. Again. Custom. With paint.
So when the last race is done on the 15th of December and I can eat seconds and sleep in on weekends, the b-bike goes to Arizona for a while. Long may she wave.

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