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I’ve spent most of the last three months breaking stuff, so I thought I’d try to buck that trend and make something instead.

A month or so ago,  the rim of my beat third-hand Powertap wheel died.
Never seen that before.  Stoked it happened in the basement, rather than out in the wild.  Not stoked it happened.

One door closes, another opens.  Or rather, my wallet opens.  Out of it flew a murmuration of dollars that turned themselves into a rim, new brass nipples, a truing stand, a nipple driver and a tension meter.  And Roger Musson’s wheel building book. (BikeHubStore.com was an awesome resource.)
They sat there for a month while I broke some more stuff and sucked at bike riding.

Yesterday I built the wheel.  Did most of it with Behind the Barriers on in the backround, which was a mistake.  Had to redo one side as I’d laced ‘em 4x, not three.  It’s a visual thing, wheelbuilding.  I did the rest of it listening to the Diane Rehm show gnarly death-metal.  Once it was strung, it took a while to get the wheel dished and trued.  Weirdly fun, having it come together with me at the controls.
Looks convincingly like a wheel, right?

Looks like a wheel, right?

I called it after two and a half hours, having gone as far as the pages I’d printed out.  (I realized afterwards that I’d forgotten to print out a couple more about the final steps.  I’ll give em a go later today.)

I’m prepared for this to go bad.  It’s my first wheel.  But I just put it on the rollers for a coupla minutes and it didn’t collapse!  And giving it a quick spin afterward, it still seemed true.

So it has to be good, right?

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