The Little Season that Could

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Woke up this morning thinking I’d do what Dan Larino suggested and race the second day of supercross.  It’d’ve been great.  The course looked amazeballs, the weather was perfect, there were plenty of lovely people to stand around in the cold with.


They call me Mud Blossom

But instead I decided to ride my bike a 6 Mile and fall off a bridge.

CX season storms on without me. Many of my friends have already called it quits and are busy packing on winter weight.  I can’t seem to connect to the scene this year.  I’m stronger than I’ve been in a while, and I’m getting better at driving the bike-cycle.  But unlike the previous FIVE years, I’m just not feeling it. Not every weekend.  Not for four months.

I’m choosing my battles. Yes, I’m looking at you Nationals.

I’m currently running 3rd overall in the Fifth Street CX Series in Emmaus.  Yes, it’s a mid-week training series with two short heats per, blah blah blah.  Don’t care.  I get to race at night heralded by train whistles.  And the conditions on Thursdays have been consistently, um, challenging:


Like riding in a terrarium on the Lusitania (Photo by Pat)

I’ll be racing more toward the end of the year.  Solstice.  Limestone.  NBX mebbe.  The MABRA Championship.  Solstice will be special.  More on that in a bit.

The sunset was a rager.  The bike is clean.  Anna saved a coupla pieces of Halloween candy.

These are fine days.  Plenty of time left to barf on myself.


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2 thoughts on “The Little Season that Could

  1. fatmarc

    Hope to see you in the next few weeks.
    Season planning is key. too much, too soon makes cross a chore not a passion.
    good stuff!

    So does this mean the end of Fuck you Cyclocross?


  2. Post author

    Fatmarc! You are so good.
    Where are you racing? MABRA? DC? West Chester? Or nursing the knee, whittling little dolls that look like Ray Zeimet and then tossing them in the fire?
    FUCX is gone. Your Jaberwocky is getting double-teamed by my referrer. I dunno how to fix that.
    I’m trying to find a way to marry the two things that occupy ALL my non-married time: cx and audiobooks. To that end, Sportybooks. A very talented person is negotiating the shit out of five different publishers, trying to wrest the worldwide rights for their books, rendered in audio. When she’s nailed that down, which she will ’cause she’s really, really good at this stuff, I go to work. Cycling audiobooks. Two great tastes that go great together. I hope.
    Or fuck it, we’ll live in a van ’cause I’ve burned through our savings.
    FUCX was born out of frustration, and it always had that flavor, during it’s brief life. Sportybooks is dumber and hopefully more optimistic. Yes, I’m dumping my work and my money onto the floor with this. Yes, I’m an idiot. But I LOVE both of these stupid things, and I think they’ll get on well together.
    Fuck you Sportybooks 🙂
    Lemme buy you a beer. You’re a stalwart. And never less than a joy to read.
    Your interwebular pal, sean


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