A bucket with a hole is still a bucket

Welp, we still don’t have any books. Our audiobook publishing bucket is empty.
(Publishing is a mofo.  It’s gonna take a bit longer than we thought.)
On the the other hand, WE HAVE A BUCKET!
And in the spirit of BUCKET! this weekend, our ‘lil company is very proud to be helping out with the last race of the PACX Series – Solstice CX in Emmaus, PA.  We’ll be underwriting the prizes for the women’s fields, making Solstice CX one of the few races on the calendar THIS YEAR with a women’s prize list bigger’n the men’s.
Here are a coupla pics from the Solstice CX Facebook Page (powered by Longtail Creative)
Field   11011910_10100115857427703_2021890585774783981_n
Come to Emmaus PA this Saturday! Registration closes Friday the 11th at 4pm.
Dirt, a firepit, food trucks and lots of fantastic bike-cycle racing? It’s gonna be Sporty!

We’ll bring our bucket 🙂

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