Summer Doldrums

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Faster by the esteemed Michael Hutchinson, is finished.  Simon Vance did an amazing job. Now to square up the art, hire someone to deal with the website and get Author’s Republic on the hook. Easy-peasy.

Next month is APAC and BEA. They both make me nervous.  I’ll be doing both the Listener’s Lounge, which showcases narrators and gives folks an hour to relax and listen to people talk, and Narrator Speed Dating, where we hop from publisher to publisher trying to start a new relationship in a coupla minutes. Like I said, I’m nervous. I’ve got my LL piece picked out.  And no, I’m not gonna say what it is, but it rhymes with Benjy.


April is the toughest month. It’s pretty close to right smack in the middle of my dunno-what-the-fuck-I’m-doing season. Last year I didn’t start really training until late August. Some people were gluing tires in late August. They generally had a very high level of stoke about that whole racing thing. While I love it in all it’s grotesque splendor, lately I’ve had a bit of trouble with the specifics. Like why I do it.

So, attempting to fool myself into putting in miles in the off season, I’m doing things like Rasputitsa in Vermont. Which was totally worth 14 hours of driving.

Vermont, where better to hang out with Jed, who lives 20 minutes from me in NJ?

Blew off mileage this weekend.  Spent Saturday morning with the MTBNJ kids at Hartshorne and Huber.  Then Sunday with Anna and Aden at 6 Mile, where neither of them hated me for being a bike-dick, so that was a step forward.

If you need me this week, I’ll be at my desk.


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